E-rasp kit 1

New E-rasp setup now includes Lithium battery. Half the weight of NiMH, more powerful and ultra reliable.


The E-rasp kit 2019 with additional foot pedal control included.

The kit includes the awesome E-rasp, we think the most reliable equine dentistry motor on the market. The E-rasp uses the tried and tested brushless motor system from the Synergy and Pro motor range. The E-rasp has the same brush less controller as Synergy motor and there for has the track record of being the most reliable and rock steady equine dentistry motor available. 

The motor has an LCD screen which allows the user to read the battery level, set the motor speed and adjust the torque. We do not know of any other motor on the market which has all these features.  There is only one wire which joins the power source (the battery) to the control box. We have learned from the past, not to have many wires as not only are these a snagging hazard but the constant flexing of the tool around body will eventually lead to expensive repairs being needed as the cables fracture inside. We have eliminated this and now included the controller, main processing unit and motor all in one case.

We believe we have been making the the worlds most reliable dentistry motors for 7 years and the E-rasp is another step up.

Included in this E-rasp system set are : 

E-rasp motor and control unit.
Powerful Lithium battery new for April 2018 & lithium fast charger
Belt system including shoulder harness
Tool holster
Foot Pedal. (Use control panel for standard control or foot pedal for dynamic control) 

Drive cable type of your choice. Slot drive (HDE equivalent), key drive (Foredom equivalent), Square drive.

Disk tool with solid plastic handle and integrated grease nipple to prolong tool life. (This tool can be straight or curved as you choose) The disk tool has an 8 position head which can be rotated around the axis of the tool. This allows you to get the disk into more positions than any other tool on the market. 
 The tool head is completely self serviceable, which means we will sell you the parts to repair the tool your self. You can also send the tool back to us to refurbishment when needed and at £270 for a full tool refurbishment this is the cheapest refurbishment on the market.

Diamond disks can also be purchased when needed and fitted without the need for any special tools.

The E-rasp kit, possibly the only motor system you will ever need. Build  your equine dentistry kit over time and use the E-rasp as your rock steady foundation. We have many tools available and all compatible with the E-rasp system and don't forget our in house bespoke tool manufacture which means tools can be designed and made to your specification by us.


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