Disk tool -- Dura disk tools
Disk tool -- Dura disk tools
Disk tool -- Dura disk tools
Disk tool -- Dura disk tools
Disk tool -- Dura disk tools

Disk tool -- Dura disk tools

The New Dura range of tools from Equilight.


The Dura tools range from Equilight. 

We have taken the tried and tested Equilight tools range and improved it to bring you the Dura tools range.

The new hardened plastic handles are simplified in design to bring you a more rock solid tool designed to last. The tough stainless steel coupling unit supports the double bearing coupling shaft. This double bearing feature stabilizes the coupling devices and reduces vibration to absolute minimum. The tool features the doubled square ended internal shaft system developed by Equilight. This simple shaft system allows the internal shaft to be replaced in the field without any tools. The drive shaft runs inside a specially designed guide system which not only reduces sound and stabilizes the drive shaft but due to its unique chemical composition also prevents corrosion, a problem in many of our competitors designs. 

The tool shaft is then fitted with the Equilight tool head designed to last and keep running. The head has a grease nipple system and this is designed to ensure that the  grease is directed to flow though all the bearings and gears. The head itself features an easy to replace disk system where the user can replace the disk alone or replace the disk, bearing and disk guard as part of a set. The simplest system we know of on the market!

All tools are available with a choice of disks which can be:

Flat, Vex or Super VEX and coated in medium grit, coarse grit or Sparse grit diamond.

When considering your next dentistry tool purchase, then consider Equilights Dura range, arguably the most efficient, long lasting and most inexpensive running costs on the market. 


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Curtis Thompson - Wiltshire

The best disc you’ll ever buy!

The best I’ve ever used. The balance and weight is incredible and makes working so much easier