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E-rasp kit 1
New E-rasp setup now includes Lithium battery. Half the weight of NiMH, more powerful and ultra reliable.
Triscrub 5ltr
Chlorhexidine based skin disinfectant and antiseptic skin wash.


Equilight are manufacturers of Equine Dentistry Tools and you will find a huge range of products as you browse on this web site. The tools you find on this site are arguably the most reliable tools on the market.

When considering your next item of kit, remember Equilight tools have been trading for 10 years selling the best and most reliable equine dentistry kit anywhere on the market! Equilight has been the leading supplier of motorised equine dental kit and tools in the UK since 2012. You only have to look at what people in the know are using. At Equilight  we design, build prototypes, test, re-design, rebuild and test again and all before we put the project into formal production. What this means is you really do get tried and tested designs that we will stick with. You can rest assured that kit purchased from us will remain compatible with new kit and will remain supported by us for years to come.

Feel free to contact us if you need to find out more.